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Clover POS Makes Running Your Restaurant Easy

Clover POS for Restaurants

Talk to any restaurant owner or GM about their point of sale and be prepared to get an earful about the issues that they have with their current system. In most cases, it is a love/hate relationship and there is a pretty good chance that they will tell you that they had the same experience with their old system. In our business, we have heard all of the complaints and they range from bad design to system crashes to lost tickets. These issues can be the bane of your existence when it fails during a rush and can lead to unhappy customers, irritated servers and potential lost revenue. 

One of the more proven point of sale solutions for restaurants is Clover. The system is powerful, intuitive and easy to set up. On its own, it comes with the built-in functionality needed to run your business but you can also supercharge its feature set with the apps that can be downloaded in the Clover App Marketplace. Most of the apps that are available are free so you can easily add tools that enable you to manage employees and customers, track inventory, view reports and monitor revenue streams. 

Clover can help you run your restaurant with ease and make you fall back in love with your point of sale. Here are some of Clover's best features: 

Modern design - The Clover station comes with a built-in printer, cash drawer, and credit card terminal

Multiple payment options: accept cash, credit, debit, EMV chip cards, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay

Employee Management 

Sales analytics and easy to access reports

Marketing and social media integration

Expanded functionality with the App Market Place

Easy to learn and train your employees in no time

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